Support our main principles of the “The end of the Transition Period” campaign:

#1: The objective assessment of the 1944-1989 period must be attempted by professional historians, with a suitable emotional distance. This period should not be used for political capital today, regardless of the political orientation.

#2: Children should not be judged for the actions of their parents and ancestors, but only for their own actions. Everyone has the right of free choice and is responsible solely for their views.

#3: Leftist political parties must refrain from nostalgic views of the period 1944-1989, declared to be criminal in 2000, and right-wing political parties – from ‘witch hunting’ the former secret policy and the socialist past as a whole.

#4: The time politicians and journalists have devoted to arguing about socialism and its consequences is a lost resource to address the most urgent issues, such as education, health, the judiciary, the demographic crisis in Bulgaria, and others.

#5: Emigrating Bulgarians are the ‘blood tax’ of the transition and, at the same time, the largest foreign investor for the country. We need an effective strategy if not for a return to the state, at least for their integration. This will also help address the problem often defined as “brain drain”.

#6: The worst state of a nation is internal hatred and division. A whole generation, the Millennial generation, grew up without remembering the socialist regime in Bulgaria. And while we need to remember the past, the time has come to be reconciled with it and to be reunited around our national future.

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